January 30, 2023

Write for Us

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While Poole Speedways has proven to be a professional website in discussing and writing about the latest subjects surrounding car racing events and news about automobiles.  That’s because we count with a professional team of writers that has no trouble when it comes to writing about the most interesting content regarding the world of car racing.

But since in Poole Speedway we deal with different subjects that have to do with automobile in general, sometimes keeping our readers updated with the results of the most important car racing events or the latest news regarding the automobile industry can be quite challenging, especially because there’s a lot to cover and not too many of us.

That’s why we are looking for new members for our family, but since being a writer for a website such as Poole Speedway can be intimidating, we are counting with our readers to take the chance of becoming one of us and maybe share their knowledge with us by writing an article regarding the subjects that we deal here in Poole Speedway.

If you are interested in being one of us, you can submit an article made by you about any topic that has to do with automobiles. It can be about the latest NASCAR event or about the performance and conditions of your favorite pilot. If we like what we see we can establish further contact with you and discuss the opportunity of joining our team.

Poole Speedways is nothing without their readers. And if you want to take this chance to join our website, please send us your work and if it meets our standards, we’ll make it worth your time.