January 30, 2023

Know about Us

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Poole Speedway is a website that is fully dedicated to the automobile world. This means that we talk about the automobile industry and the latest cars that can captivate the attention of every fanatic, to sport related news about racing cars and the biggest events surrounding these automobiles.

Car racing is one of the most entertaining and interesting sports out there. A fun activity that can be appreciated by anyone, since one of the main objectives of Poole Speedway is to document and talk about every new racing event and also get in-depth with details about their pilots and how they perform on the tracks.

But before we keep talking about this subject, let me introduce myself. My name is Carmine Bixler. Since I was young I’ve always been fascinated by everything that has to do with automobiles. That’s why one of my dreams was to become a mechanic and explore a little more closely the many different models available.

That’s why I devoted an immediate passion for car racing events since it represents everything I enjoy about cars. From their performance on the tracks to the engineering behind the racing cars and how do they work, Is one of my running passions that keeps me going and made me create Poole Speedway, the best website about car racing.